About Us

B-buzzy – Shop and Tell!

The solution is based on a very simple concept – buy a great product and spread the word to your friends via facebook, twitter or other social networks. If your friend purchases that product through your recommendation, both you and your friend receive a cash back treat. It’s fun, easy and most importantly, it generates more sales for the business and emphasises genuine referrals from real friends.

Our Vision
B-buzzy was created with one clear goal in mind - to provide a rewarding social shopping experience where everyone benefits, from the business and E-commerce site to the customers and their friends.

At B-buzzy we are all about keeping it real. There is no use in establishing a referral system for your product if the recommendations do not come from real people. We believe that real recommendations from real purchasers will lead to real sales. 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. So what better avenue to use than the platform of social networking? The customer will become the display window for the product and the more buzz they generate, the more sales will follow. Best of all everyone is treated – the business through increased sales, the original buyer through making the recommendation and the new buyer through following that recommendation and purchasing the product as well.

Through the success of this system we hope to become the crossroad for millions of recommendations, deals and discounts worldwide.

B-buzzy promises to make online shopping the most rewarding experience for everyone involved!

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