Integration on ‘product’ page

The integration on the 'product' page is done by adding meta tags that holds the product details and also a javascript code, that handles the operation of the banner.

The first step of the integration is to open a B-buzzy sandbox account. If you don't have an account click here.

The sandbox is a full feature B-buzzy service that doesn't create real transaction.

Prior production deployment, please check the integration with our sandbox.

When working with the sandbox environment, use as the domain. When working with the production environment, use as the domain.

When B-buzzy makes a referral to your product page (a redirection from a user's recommendation), a referring purchase id is added to the product page URL (as a GET parameter).

The name of this parameter is: bbRefId .

For example, if the product URL is:
The referral URL is: ('123abc' is the recommendation identifier).

This parameter must be passed to the 'after purchase' page after the user completes the purchase.

Example of the call for B-buzzy's javascript code:

* For English (lang=en): bbuzzySellerIntegrationProductPage.js.php?lang=en&sellerId=123abc

* For Hebrew (lang=he): bbuzzySellerIntegrationProductPage.js.php?lang=he&sellerId=123abc

The ‘sellerId’ is the Id provided by B-buzzy to your ecommerce site and appears on the profile page.

Changes on html page - choose from one of two options

Option 1 - pass parameters through meta tags
<meta name="bbuzzy_sellerId" content="123abc" />
<meta name="bbuzzy_sellerProductId" content="Your product id" />
<meta name="bbuzzy_productName" content="The product name" />
<meta name="bbuzzy_productCategory" content="The product category" />
<meta name="bbuzzy_manufacturer" content="The product manufacturer" />
<meta name="bbuzzy_totalAffiliationPercentage" content="10" />
<meta name="bbuzzy_priceCurrency" content="ILS" />

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<div id="bbuzzy_div"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">bbuzzy_init();</script>
Option 2 - pass parameters through a JavaScript function

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<div id="bbuzzy_div"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">


NVP data dictionary description

Parameter nameParameter descriptionPer productRequiredExample
bbuzzy_sellerIdThe Id provided by B-buzzy (on the profile page)NoYesNQ12
bbuzzy_sellerProductIdThe ecommerce unique product idYesYes2113A
bbuzzy_productNameThe product nameYesYesIphone 4 16GB
bbuzzy_productCategoryThe category of the productYesNoSmart phones
bbuzzy_manufacturerThe manufacturer of the productYesNoApple inc.
bbuzzy_totalAffiliationPercentageThe total percentage of the affiliation including the "recommender" , "buyer" and "B-buzzy"

In the example, 10 percent will be divided to:
4% to the "recommender".
4% to the "buyer".
2% percent to "B-buzzy".

To use a default affiliation percentage or sum, provided on the profile page on B-buzzy’s seller site, use 'default'.

To end a B-buzzy campaign for a product, use '0'.
bbuzzy_priceCurrencyThe currency of the price.

Currently support is for:
'USD' - United States Dollars
'ILS' - Israel, New Shekels

* All of the parameters passed must be URL encoded.

* To use a default compensation percentage, provided on the profile page , on the meta tag “bbuzzy_totalAffiliationPercentage” use content="default”.

For example (using meta tags):
<meta name="bbuzzy_totalAffiliationPercentage" content=”default" />

* To end a B-buzzy campaign for a product, put “0” on the bbuzzy_totalAffiliationPercentage tag.

For example (using meta tags):
<meta name="bbuzzy_totalAffiliationPercentage" content=”0" />

Download a code sample

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