E-commerce sites and sellers

The service
B-buzzy provides a social promotions service to e-commerce sites by generating customer interest through social media. Greater customer interest will result in an increase of sales.

The idea
90% of customers trust recommendations from people they know (Nielsen 2009).
This overwhelming statistic reflects the power of social media as an effective way to spread brand awareness and create buzz around your product. B-buzzy has harnessed this power to bring more genuine sales your way.
B-buzzy allows your customers to share your brand quickly and easily through their favorite social media. Consequently the social media sites become the foundation of your marketing campaign with your customers, the key marketers.
Because the recommendations are coming from friends, other users can trust the quality of the product and are more likely to purchase it.
In a nutshell, B-buzzy facilitates REAL recommendations from REAL buyers which will lead to REAL sales.

How does it work?
B-buzzy offers rewards to referees of products if their recommendation translates into a new purchase.
The reward amount and method is determined by the e-commerce site itself. We recommend cash back as the most effective reward method. Rewards are based on a Cost Per Conversion (CPC) basis.
If the purchase does not come from the referral itself, no reward is paid. Commission is also determined by CPC.

The B-buzzy service is fair and ethical. Only customers who buy a product can share it and recommend it to friends. Cash back treats are given equally for a referral sell both to the original buyer and the referred friend.

Integration with B-buzzy
Integrating with our service is quick and simple. It requires only a minor adaptation to your ecommerce site.

B-buzzy takes advanced precautions regarding site data and interface.
The B-buzzy site and service are encrypted with 256 bit ssl and are being scanned daily by McAfee SECURE™.

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