Terms And Conditions

Terms Of Use For End Users
Updated on June 19 2011

Please read the following Terms and conditions carefully before entering the Website and using the services offered by B-Buzzy. By accessing the Website, you indicate your acknowledgment and acceptance of these Terms. Any use of the website and the services offered in it (hereinafter "The Website") by B-Buzzy Systems Ltd. (hereinafter: "B-Buzzy") are subject to the following Terms of use (hereinafter: "These Terms" or "This Agreement").

1. General
1.1. By using this Website or by checking the box next to "I agree to the Terms of Use", you agree to be bound by all of the Terms and limitations of the Agreement.
1.2. Only the Terms of this Agreement set forth the entire understanding and agreement between B-Buzzy and the Users.
1.3. By using this Website and/or the services offered by B-Buzzy you confirm to be over the age of 18 and agree to be bound by all of the Terms of this Agreement.
1.4. This Agreement may be amended by B-Buzzy, including changes in the Terms and/or limitations which are specified in this Agreement, at any time and at any frequency without specific notice. The User should review these Terms each time prior to using the Website.
1.5. The lack of enforcement of these Terms on behalf of B-Buzzy does not constitute consent or waiver of rights by B-Buzzy's, regarding its rights which are specified in this Agreement.

2. B-buzzy Services
2.1. General
B-Buzzy provides a system for E-Commerce Websites which allows purchasers who purchased products on an E-Commerce Website to post a recommendation note about the Website and/or the purchased products online (hereinafter: "The Recommenders"), and if, as a result of the recommendation note, as it will be explained in detail later on, other potential customers will access the Website and purchase products on sale (as set forth) (hereinafter: "The Referral Purchaser" and along with the Recommenders, "Users") then the E-Commerce Website will reward the Recommender and the Referral Purchaser with Compensation, as set forth by the E-Commerce Website, according to these Terms and the terms of use on the E-Commerce Website (hereinafter: "B-Buzzy Service").
The registration process to B-Buzzy Service is done via email which will be sent to the User after the recommendation note is posted on B-Buzzy and after purchasing a product via B-Buzzy Link (as set forth). The User's email address is provided by the Relevant C-Commerce Website (as set forth). Receiving the email and following the instructions specified in it are necessary conditions in order to receive commission according to the partners program as set forth in the Terms of this Agreement.
B-Buzzy allows you to open an account on the website and use the B-Buzzy Service. The Users who purchased products and/or retailers services on different websites will be given a special Link ("B-Buzzy Link") which will follow the number of clicks and purchases that were made via B-Buzzy Link. You can recommend and share the B-Buzzy Link with your friends and followers on Twitter, according to the Terms of this Agreement. B-Buzzy Users (both Recommenders and Referral Purchasers) will receive Compensation for Certified Purchases (as set forth) of products on sale on the Relevant E-Commerce Website, which were completed by Users via B-Buzzy Link according to the section regarding Compensation as set forth. Self purchase by the Recommenders does not provide them with Compensation. B-Buzzy and/or the Relevant E-Commerce Website are allowed to limit the sum of Compensation Users can earn while using B-Buzzy Service. Purchases of products which do not participate (as set forth) and also purchases on websites which are not the Relevant E-Commerce website (as set forth) that were made by Users via B-Buzzy Link, do not provide the Users with Compensation.
"The Relevant E-Commerce Website" – refers to the E-Commerce Website from which the User purchased the products and received B-Buzzy Link from. The Relevant E-commerce Website determines which purchase of which products, that was completed and not canceled for some reason, provides the Users with Compensation (hereinafter: "Certified Purchases"), as well as the type and sum of Compensation for every purchase (whether in the form of a discount, gift, coupon or refund of B-Buzzy Cash Back (as set forth)).
B-Buzzy is not responsible for alternations, cancellations and interruptions of the marketing and sales of the participating products on the Relevant E-Commerce Websites. Furthermore, B-Buzzy is not responsible for any changes which are made on the Relevant E-Commerce Website.
B-Buzzy reserves the right to change or modify these Terms and B-Buzzy Service at any time and at any frequency without specific notice, in its sole discretion. In addition B-Buzzy and/or the Relevant E-Commerce Website are allowed to change or modify the type and sum of Compensation as well as to cancel it at any time and at any frequency without specific notice, in their sole discretion.
2.2. The Recommenders Requirements
2.2.1 In order to receive Compensation as a B-Buzzy Recommender you must create a User account by clicking the link attached to the email which was sent to you soon after posting a recommendation note on the E-Commerce Website. Creating an account requires the User to provide details and personal information on the application form, including required fields such as username, working email address and password. You must provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account. You agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security on the Website and your account. You are the only person responsible for any use or activity on your account.
2.2.2 By law, you are not obligated in any way to provide the requested details on the application form and providing them depends solely upon your personal decision. Nonetheless, if you did not provide the requested details you cannot use B-Buzzy Service and receive Compensation according to this Agreement. In addition, not every Recommender will be required to open an account on the Website, and this depends on a request from B-Buzzy which will be sent to you via email.
2.2.3 B-Buzzy and/or the E-Commerce Website reserve the right to cancel your participation/purchase as a result of providing false, partial or inaccurate information. Intentionally providing false information is a criminal offense. B-Buzzy and/or the E-Commerce Website will be allowed to take legal action against those who provide false information including damages for any damage which will be caused to the Relevant E-Commerce website and/or B-Buzzy and/or anyone on their behalf as a result of disruption of proceedings regarding the Users and B-Buzzy Service.
2.2.4 Users may only hold one B-Buzzy account.
2.2.5 You are not allowed to sell and/or assign and/or transfer and/or provide and/or make any commercial use of the rights which were given to you in this Agreement.
2.3. Compensation
2.3.1. Subject to this Agreement, Compensation will be given to the participants for Certified Purchases (as mentioned on the Relevant E-Commerce Website). The Compensation can be given in the form of B-Buzzy Cash Back (as set forth), discount on the next purchase on the Relevant E-Commerce Website or any other website, a coupon for purchasing products and/or services, gifts etc. as will be determined by the Relevant E-Commerce Website, presented in it, in its sole discretion (hereinafter: "Compensation").
2.3.2. Every Certified Purchase will be presented on the User account and will include, among other things, the Certified Purchase's status: (A) 'Pending' (the purchase has been made and the cancellation period is still not over and/or the payment has not been received yet by the E-Commerce Website), (B) 'Completed' (after receiving the Compensation fee from the E-Commercial Website). Cancellation of the Certified Purchase (in case the Certified Purchase has been cancelled) will appear on a separate cancellation line with a negative sum on the User account.
2.3.3. The Relevant E-Commerce Website is solely responsible for paying the full sum of Compensation fee on time according to the payment method which was chosen by the E-Commerce Website. Without derogating from the above stated, in case the relevant E-Commerce Website chose to pay the Users Compensation in the form of 'B-Buzzy Cash Back', the Compensation will be transferred directly to B-Buzzy and B-Buzzy will provide the Recommender and the Referral Purchaser with the relevant sum of Compensation, all according to section 2.3.6 hereinafter.
2.3.4. In case the Relevant E-Commerce Website will choose to pay the Users other type of Compensation which is not in the form of 'B-Buzzy Cash Back' the Relevant E-Commerce Website will transfer the Compensation to B-Buzzy, the Recommender and Referral Purchaser, according to the Compensation type which was set during the purchase.
2.3.5. The type and amount of Compensation may be amended at any time. The type and amount of Compensation which was set by the E-Commerce Website will be the one that was valid during the Certified Purchase. You are solely responsible to view the type and sum of Compensation at any time and agree to release B-Buzzy from any and all claims, demands and damages of any kind and nature arising out of or in any way connected with changes which were made regarding the Compensation as stated in this section.
2.3.6. Compensation in the form of B-buzzy cashback
a) The Compensation which is paid to the Users in cash will be transferred and assessed in the currency of the payment via PayPal alone (hereinafter: "B-Buzzy Cash Back"). The User confirms and agrees to open a PayPal account in order to withdraw B-Buzzy Cash Back. More details regarding PayPal system can be found on In addition to the User's email address provided during the registration process, the User can be asked to provide the email address provided during the registration to PayPal as well, which can be identical or different from the address provided while registration to B-Buzzy. This address will be used to transfer the compensation to PayPal. Your use of PayPal is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of PayPal.
The User confirms and agrees that the withdrawal funds which are transferred to PayPal is charged with PayPal commission fee, which is set by PayPal, for transferring the compensation funds from the e-commerce site to B-buzzy and from B-buzzy to the user’s PayPal account.
Therefore the commission fee will be deducted from the Compensation by B-Buzzy before transferring the Compensation fee to the User. Providing PayPal with false, inaccurate information can lead to a permanent cancellation of the User's entitlement to Compensation fee and the User’s ability to cancel the purchase. In such case, B-Buzzy will not be responsible for its loss and will not be required to return it.
b) B-Buzzy reserves the right to change the payment methods of B-Buzzy Cash Back in B-Buzzy system at any time and at any frequency, in its sole discretion.
c) The User's balance will be updated and reflect the User's entitlement to Compensation for Certified Purchases which were made after the end of the cancellation period that was set by the Relevant E-Commerce Website and after the Relevant E-Commerce Website has paid for these purchases, in it's sole discretion. The Compensation will be transferred to the User's PayPal account after the User has made a request to withdraw it on B-Buzzy Website.
d) The User confirms to allow B-Buzzy to send an email, using the address saved in B-Buzzy system regarding the entitlement to the Compensation, a request for completing the registration details after the note is posted, notification about the transaction's cancellation and/or any other email regarding the User's activity on B-Buzzy and/or the Relevant E-Commerce Website.
e) The User agrees to release B-Buzzy and/or the E-Commerce Website from any and all claims and demands regarding any delay and/or not receiving an email, as mentioned in this Agreement, by the User's email supplier and/or the User's email software and/or anti-spam software and/or communication failure and/or other failures which are not under the control of B-Buzzy and/or the E-Commerce Website.
f) In case the User receives incorrect Compensation fee as a result of an error on B-Buzzy system and/or false report of the Relevant E-Commerce Website and/or any other reason and the User withdrawn the Compensation fee, then the User undertake to return these fees to B-Buzzy in a period of thirty (30) calendar days from the day of receiving the refund request from B-Buzzy. An email that was sent from B-Buzzy to the User regarding this subject will be considered as the refund request. B-Buzzy will be entitled to reduce any fee you owe B-Buzzy from any Compensation fee you are entitled to receive.
g) Since the Relevant E-Commerce Website is responsible for determining the entitlement to Compensation fee, in case the User is interested in receiving different information regarding the entitlement to Compensation fee, credit status, Compensation fee's cancellation etc. the User will contact the Relevant E-Commerce Website alone. Communication details of the Relevant E-Commerce website will be posted on B-Buzzy and the Relevant E-Commerce Website.
Clarification: In case the User did not withdraw the Compensation fees which were accumulated under the User's name on PayPal system in a period of twelve (12) months, the User will not be able to withdraw these fees in the future.
2.4. Login to B-buzzy using Facebook connect
B-buzzy enables logging in to B-buzzy’s user account using Facebook connect mechanism. The use of this mechanism is dependent that the user use the option “Login with Facebook”.
The user confirms and agrees that the Facebook connect mechanism can be changed by Facebook, in its sole discretion, and B-buzzy will not be responsible in event of malfunctions in the mechanism. In case of a malfunction you must report it to .
The user confirms and agrees that when using the Facebook connect mechanism to login to his B-buzzy account and for any reason his Facebook login password will be exposed and/or a third party will take control over his Facebook account (for any reason) than the third party, could also take control over his B-buzzy account accordingly, including (without derogating from the above stated) the withdrawal of funds accumulated on this account, viewing the user’s messages and recommendations and performing other actions on the user’s account. On such cases, B-buzzy will not be responsible and the user will not have any demand or claim.
The user confirms and agrees that B-buzzy is not a representative of Facebook and B-buzzy’s activities are not run, funded by, and/or with collaboration with Facebook, and every login using Facebook connect is according to Facebook’s Terms of use detailed on .

3. Taxes
You are solely responsible for fully collecting, reporting or remitting any taxes arising from the Compensation fee according to any relevant law and must consult with a profession tax advisor regarding the relevant tax laws. The Compensation fee will be calculated and paid to the User after tax deduction according to the law. In case it is required by law, B-Buzzy will provide information to the relevant tax authorities regarding the Compensation fee.

4. Sharing the B-buzzy Link
4.1. B-Buzzy allows the Recommender who completed a purchase to post a Message regarding the transaction's details and share it with friends. The Message can be sent to friends and acquaintances on social networks and/or email and/or alternative ways in which B-Buzzy Link is attached to the message. The Message's content will describe the purchasing experience and/or feedback about the purchased product from the Relevant E-Commerce website. The User is allowed to post the Message under restricted conditions and limitation which appear in these Terms (hereinafter: "Shared Message").
4.2. A Recommender who wishes to post feedback about a product will address the product alone in the feedback Message, not compare between product, not address more than one product per feedback, not offer products for sale, not ask to be contacted, not publish communication details, not use offensive, blatant, improper content and/or language which violates any law and/or is and/or might be considered as slander.
4.3. In addition to the Message's content which is written by the Recommender, B-Buzzy is entitled to add automatic content. This automatic content may include details which describe the transaction, such as: the name of the product, name of the manufacturer, the website on which the transaction was made, the product's price, transition's details (excluding confidential details), the percentage of the Compensation fee for this product and/or any other details associated with the transaction and the activity on B-Buzzy. The Recommender agrees to allow B-Buzzy to add automatic content to the Message as before mentioned.
4.4. Freedom of expression is one of the site's foundation stones, but so is respecting the Israeli law. Therefore, the User is prevented from posting on the Website and/or the Shared Message on B-Buzzy, the following contents (messages, pictures, files of any kind, links, texts and any other information):
Any content which is sexually explicit, obscene, offensive, racist, considered as libel, encouraging incitement, felonies, criminal or civil, infringement of privacy, harmful, malicious, abusive or hateful and contents which violate any law, contents which their intellectual property rights do not belong to you, contents which include computer viruses of any kind; contents which are not relevant to the purchased products and/or B-Buzzy Link.
4.5. The Recommender is solely responsible for the entire content of the Shared Message which is sent from the system. In addition the User must confirm that no mistake was made in the Message's content, including the automatic content which is added to the Message. In case there is a mistake in the Message's content, the Recommender is required to not post and/or cancel/delete the sent Message.
4.6. The Recommender undertakes that the Shared Message which will be posted under the Recommender's name will not violate any law and/or include any offensive material or violates one's copyright and/or any callous material and/or a material which may damage any third party and/or public sentiments and/or any material regarding minors and their identification and/or illegal material and/or material which encourages, supports, assists, provides instructions for any illegal or criminal action according to the Israeli law and/or material which violates court orders and/or threatens the country's security and/or violates censorship laws and/or any material which is considered as libel and/or violates one's privacy rights and/or any material which is forbidden to be published by law and/or any material which may be misleading for other customers, according to the Customer Protection Act 1981, or any other law.
4.7. The Recommender undertakes to compensate and/or indemnify B-Buzzy for every expense and/or damage which will be caused to it as a result of the any violation of the Terms of this Agreement and/or violation of the rights of any third party as a result of posting the Shared Message.
4.8. B-Buzzy is allowed to remove the B-Buzzy Link from your message and remove contents which seem to violate one of these Terms in its opinion and/or may damage the Website and/or any third party, and it is allowed to delete these contents at any time.
4.9. It is clarified that B-Buzzy will be allowed to take legal action against any User who violates these Terms, and will be allowed to provide the User's details to any party or person which will be damaged or affected by the User's Message.
4.10. B-Buzzy reserves the right to cancel and/or prevent the User from sharing of the Message and/or to deny the User's entitlement to Compensation fee due to the content of the Message, for Messages B-Buzzy finds inappropriate or believes that they are violating the Terms of this Agreement.
4.11. Remember – the contents you will post will be visible for all internet users and B-Buzzy cannot predict the responses you may receive as a result of posting these contents, who will respond and in what manner. Therefore, B-Buzzy will not have any responsibility towards you (or anyone on your behalf) regarding these responses, or any other result which will be caused to you or your property as a result of these responses.
4.12. B-Buzzy is not responsible for the content of the Website, the Relevant E-Commerce Website or any other website on which you post your Message and in any device in which it appears, including its accuracy, reliability and their influence on other Users' computers and any damage, inconvenience, loss, anguish and so forth, direct or indirect, which will be caused to you, your property or any third party as a result of using the content.
4.13. You are solely responsible for the content of your Message, being accurate and complete, and ensure that your Messages, which are posted on different website and the different social networks, will respect the terms of use and privacy policy on those websites. B-Buzzy does not examine or view the Messages and therefore is not responsible for their content.
4.14. You agree to not send the B-Buzzy Link in your Message to illegal electronic contact lists and must respect the new spam law (section 30 in the Communication Law 2008). B-Buzzy will not be responsible for any damage or prosecution which will be caused as a result of an email which was sent by a User who did not respect the law.
4.15. Please note that by sending the Message, you provide B-Buzzy with unlimited free license, to present, copy, publish, market and make any other use of these contents, in its sole discretion (see elaboration on the "intellectual property" section hereinafter). This means that you are not entitled, and will not be entitled in the future, to any payment for the contents you will post on your Message. B-Buzzy will be allowed to post the Message with or without B-Buzzy Link on B-Buzzy system and/or internet search engines and/or the Relevant E-Commerce Website and/or business partners' websites and/or on other locations.
4.16. The Website may contain links to other websites or other sources. Since B-Buzzy has no control over these websites and sources, you agree to release B-Buzzy from any responsibility regarding the availability, content, commercials and any other materials ("The Materials") on these websites or sources. Also, you agree and confirm that B-Buzzy will not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, and/or loss and/or expense including anguish which will be caused to you or your property due to exposure to and/or use of the websites and/or other sources, including any content in them.
4.17. B-Buzzy and/or the Relevant E-Commerce Website reserve the right (in their sole discretion) to define a purchase via B-Buzzy Link even if it was not made via B-Buzzy Link. This definition can be made while using a following mechanism (such as cookie, web bug) and/or the definition of the Relevant E-Commerce Website and/or the definition of B-Buzzy. In case the User's browser does save cookies or the relevant cookie will be deleted, the User will not be entitled to receive the Compensation fee in this manner.
4.18. You agree to not damage, change, or neutralize the following mechanism which is given to you via B-Buzzy Link and not make any malicious use of the B-Buzzy Link and/or the Shared Message, in a way that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms.
4.19. Fraudulent use of the B-Buzzy Link and/or Shared Message, including actions which ware made intentionally in order to create false and misleading statistics of the partners program, such as: creating false sales, measuring clicking percentage while using robots, scripts, or manual "refresh" of the internet page, for the purpose of "producing" Compensation according to the partners program.
4.20. You are required to notify B-Buzzy about any error in B-Buzzy Link, Message or any other element which is related to the partners program immediately while noticing or suspecting any error has accrued or any other error which is related to your participation in the partners program. B-Buzzy does not follow or view the Links and Messages and therefore is not responsible for notifying you regarding any errors in the Link and/or Message and/or any other means which is related to the partners program.
4.21. In case B-Buzzy Link which was posted by you had expired and does not transfer the clicker to the right page, the Relevant E-Commerce Website can direct the clicks to its alternative page for the E-Commerce Website's homepage. B-Buzzy does not have control over this manner and therefore cannot guarantee that a terminated or expired B-Buzzy Link will be re-directed and will gain the User with Compensation for the Certified Purchase.

5. Third Party Websites
B-Buzzy allows its Users to share B-Buzzy Link and the messages on third party websites. This Website does not sell products and/or services to customers and therefore does not offer to sell or establish a business relationship with any third party, except for B-Buzzy as set forth in this Agreement and subject to its Terms.
B-Buzzy is not responsible for any third party websites (including the Relevant E-Commerce websites); also, B-Buzzy is not responsible for the accuracy, entirety and adequacy of the websites' content. Any purchases of products and/or services which were made by you and will be made by any other Users who were directed by you are handled by other websites and companies. You are requested to read the terms of use and privacy policy on those websites, including the terms of cancellation policy and refunds, liability and so forth before completing the transaction on these websites. Likewise, you are requested to read carefully the terms of use regarding coupons, special discounts, sales promotions and any other offer you receive from any third party website, including the Relevant E-Commerce Website. B-Buzzy is not responsible for inaccuracy, false representations, the quality of products, the lawfulness of the products, their availability and the availability of the websites, information, services, viruses and other computer failures which are caused by using these websites and any other risks which are caused by using other websites and their content. B-Buzzy is not responsible for the websites' content or offers by third parties (including the Relevant E-Commerce Website), including, without derogating from the above stated, products and prices. B-Buzzy is not responsible and/or guarantees anything regarding the selection of good which will be included in a Certified Purchase, as well the type, quality, and sum of Compensation fee which Users will receive by the Relevant E-Commerce Website, through the partners program.
You are willingly undertakes all the risks involved while using these websites, purchasing products and sharing the Message and B-Buzzy Link. You agree to release B-Buzzy from any responsibility regarding third party websites (including the Relevant E-Commerce website), for your use of these websites and the manner of sharing your Message and B-Buzzy Link.

6. Intellectual Property
Any and all copyrights on the website, including its design, content, texts, software, applications, computer code, scripts, graphics, pictures, sounds, music, video, interactive features, any other material in it and any trademarks, the service signs and the commercial signs (logo) which are included in the website and in the Relevant E-Commerce Website (which belong to B-Buzzy) ("The Website's Content") – belong to B-Buzzy only and/or its content suppliers and/or business partners, therefore it is forbidden to copy, display, translate or transfer to a third party any part of the above mentioned without a written consent from B-Buzzy which will be given in advance. B-Buzzy's name, the website domain and trademarks (those which were registered and those which were not registered), are the sole property of B-Buzzy.
Despite the above mentioned, the intellectual property rights in the contents which are sent by you, in order to post them on the website or third party websites, belong to you, subject to the license you give B-Buzzy according to section 4.15 as mentioned above. Nonetheless, you must be careful not to provide B-Buzzy with contents which you do not own the intellectual property rights to. By posting any content on the Website and/or third party websites, you confirm to be the owner of the intellectual property rights to the content, and that you are permitted to post it as stated.

7. Limitations of B-buzzy Liability
7.1. B-Buzzy is doing the best it can in order to provide the Website's Users with a regular, continuous service without failures, interruptions, errors and disruptions. Since the service delivery depends on many other third parties, the Company cannot guarantee that there will not be failures, interruption, delays, errors or disruptions, which are usually sudden and unpredicted (excluding planed and/or initiated Interruptions – for the purposes of maintaining the Website), for those reasons the Company is released from any responsibility to compensate the Users for failures, interruption and unexpected disconnections while delivering service, and the User concedes any right of any kind to demand or prosecute any compensation for these failures, interruption, and disconnections for the Website's maintenance.
7.2. B-Buzzy will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage which will be caused to any of the Website's Users as a result of a violation of the Terms of this Agreement by any of the Website's Users. In such case, the damaged User can only take legal action against the one who violated the Terms, and the User concedes any right of any kind to demand, claim or take legal action against B-Buzzy in advance for the violation of these Terms by any of the Website's Users.
7.3. B-Buzzy reserves the right to change, temporarily freeze or permanently terminate any activity on the Website, or parts of it, as well as transfer the entire Website or parts of it to other ownership, without any notice to the Users. In such case, B-Buzzy will be able to transfer its entire rights, or some of its right on the Website, to a third party and the Users will not have the right to appeal and object to these decisions and the Company will not have any responsibility for the Users and/or any third party.
7.4. The Website is not a sales website and B-Buzzy is not considered and will not be considered as a seller and/or offers to sell products and/or services to the User.
7.5. The information and contents presented on the Website by the third parties, are provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis without any interference and/or any interference by B-Buzzy. These information and contents are under the responsibility of the third parties alone and B-Buzzy is not responsible for their content, accuracy and reliability, including details regarding the third party, essence and the quality of the products or services offered by it, the names of the manufacturers and/or suppliers of products and/or services, prices and presentations and any other information which is related to the information which is distributed by a third party.
7.6. Any User's and/or third party reliance, on any content, information, commercial, products, services, opinions and stands, presented or posted on the Website, on the Relevant E-Commerce Website and/or Websites the Users were transferred to, including information, content, opinions and stands which are presented or posted there, is done as a result of the User's personal decision and sole responsibility.
7.7. B-Buzzy will not be responsible for any damage, loss or expense which will be caused to any of the Website's Users and/or third party in relation to any act and /or failure which are caused by some third party. B-Buzzy will not be responsible for any act and /or failure, of any kind, which will create a relationship between the User and any third party and/or is caused by such a relationship, even if the User studies the third party and/or its sales website, and/or approached the third party and/or its sales website and/or supplier, through a link on the Website.
7.8. B-Buzzy will not be responsible for any agreement and/or communication which will be made between a User and a third party, and will not be responsible for the value and/or quality of products and/or given services and/or offered to the User by a third party, including the terms of the purchase and/or process of the purchase and/or the supply of products and/or services and/or their quality and/or any other offer by a third party.
7.9. B-Buzzy and/or anyone on behalf of B-Buzzy will not be responsible for and will not bare, directly or indirectly, any damage, direct or indirect, consequential or special, financial or of other kind, which is caused to the Users or any third party as a result of the use or reliance on information and/or service which is presented on the Website and/or a third party website, including the loss of income and/or earnings losses which will be caused for some reason.
7.10. The website and/or B-Buzzy and/or anyone on behalf of B-Buzzy will not be responsible for the supply of the products and/or services which are given by a third party and/or their quality and/or availability.
7.11. Like the other contents on the web, the User's Contents which is shared by the Message can be seen and used by any other internet user online, and the Website's Manager is not responsible for their security and/or any other damage and/or loss and/or expense which will be caused to any of the Website's Users and/or third party as a result of their publication.
7.12. The publication of the User's Content or attaching B-Buzzy Link will not be considered as an offer to the User, as support, engorgement, agreement or sponsorship by the Website's Manager regarding these contents and/or services offered by others.
7.13. The information on the website, regarding the Users' recommendations, does not constitute advice and should not be relied upon in making or refraining from making any decision or consulting professionals.
7.14. B-Buzzy does not guarantee that all the links on the website and B-Buzzy Link will work properly and transfer the user to the Relevant E-Commerce Website. B-Buzzy is allowed to terminate a link which is included on the Website and prevent it from adding a new link, in its sole discretion. B-Buzzy does not guarantee there will not be any failures and disruptions (hereinafter: "Interruption") on the activity of the Website and/or the network and/or cellular network and/or any other media in which and/or through the Shared Message, Website's Content and/or applications are presented.
7.15. B-Buzzy presents information regarding Israeli E-Commerce Websites only, unless it is specifically mentioned otherwise.
7.16. The data presented on the Website do not constitute recommendation and/or expressing an opinion and/or feedback regarding a sales website of any third party and/or services and/or offered products by any third party. B-Buzzy advises the customer to act as a wise, cautious customer, and in any case, before completing a transaction on a sales websites of any third party, to read carefully any information which is published on that third party's website, and in case the third party is a supplier or sells products and/or services (hereinafter: "Supplier") to read the terms of use on that Supplier's website.
7.17. In addition, B-Buzzy is not responsible, will not be facing any prosecution and will not pay a compensation fee for any direct or indirect damage in the following scenarios:
A. Loss or irreversible damage of the data base.
B. Loss of income or any business opportunities as a result of the Website's activity or inactivity, whether the Messages were posted or not.
C. In case the Website or the server have been cracked or hacked by a third party or infected with computer viruses.
D. Computer failure or computer equipment failure, sever errors, software errors, disruption or disconnection from server, blocked access to the website by a third party and other failures, errors and disruptions the Company have no control over.
E. Natural disaster, fire, illness, death, war and military action, human error, strike, sanction, disruption to supply products and services, disruption in the post office services and other public and/or private services, governmental action, and any occurrences in the country and the world which may damage the Website's regular activity which the Company have no control over.

8. Commercials
B-Buzzy will not be responsible for any commercial content or commercial information which will be posted on the website.
8.1. The information and content posted on the website do not constitute advice, recommendation and/or expression of an opinion and/or encouragement and/or feedback, on behalf of B-Buzzy, to purchase the product which is presented in the advertisement and/or make any use of the service or information which is presented therein.
8.2. All the above mentioned regarding the limitations of B-Buzzy liability will apply to the commercials on the website as well, accordingly and with the required changes.

9.1. B-Buzzy is allowed to use the User's personal information for internal uses only while viewing and investigating complains and/or Auditing, including using "cookies". Every User can change the browser's setting and prevent it from supporting cookies at all or set it to notify the User every time a cookie is received. However, one should notice that some parts of the website and B-Buzzy service cannot function properly if the User refuses to support or accept cookies.
9.2. B-Buzzy shares certain information regarding Certified Purchases with the Relevant E-Commerce Website, yet apart from that, it does not share any personal and identifying information about the User with a third party, without the User's explicit consent. Despite the above mentioned, information regarding complains, in order to complete the treatment, may be transferred to the Public Trust Organization for the customer's best interest, according to the Public Trust's regulations, unless the User explicitly objected it. Nonetheless, B-Buzzy may share condense statistical information about the User, which is unidentified, with publishers, business partners, supporters and other bodies. For example, the frequency of the User's visits on the Website or which products the User has purchased. B-Buzzy will share specific personal information about the User in case it will be required to do so as a result of any legal action such as search warrant, court summons, law or court warrant. Details regarding purchasing products, Shared Messages and all the details which are relevant to this Agreement (which are not confidential), are not considered as confidential information about the User and therefore B-Buzzy will be allowed to share and publish them on the internet, according to these Terms and as long as they are relevant to the B-Buzzy Service.
9.3. By using this Website, and its search engine, the User agrees to the collection of information and data, and the use of it as mentioned in this policy and these Terms of Use. B-Buzzy reserves the right to change this privacy policy from time to time. In case the privacy policy is altered, B-Buzzy will update this page in order for the User to be aware of any modifications and added information.
9.4. In case the Users wish to ask any questions and/or clarify any subject they are welcome to contact us via email at: .
9.5. B-Buzzy undertakes to delete User's personal information from the Website and not make any use of that information for the Website's purposes, as above mentioned, if it will be requested to do so by a User who will send an explicit written request.
9.6. B-Buzzy will not be considered to be violating the privacy policy or to be damaging the User's privacy as a result of any information, according to its definition on the Computer Law 1995, which is used to identify a User and follow the User, that is driven from the use of means of electronic communication in general and computer communication in particular.
9.7. According to the Protection of Privacy Act 1981 – every person is entitled to view the information about him/her which is saved on a data base. A person who viewed the information and found it to be false, incomplete, incoherent or invalid may approach the data base's owner with the request of correcting the information or deleting it. This type of request should be sent to or by regular mail to: B-buzzy Ltd. P.O.B 5880 , Herzliya, Israel 46158 .

10. Copyright Policy
If you truly believe that the website's content or a User's Message which was posted on the Website violate, in any way, your copyright or the copyright of any third party, you are allowed to inform our copyright agent regarding this matter at and provide the following information: (A) your communication details including full name, address, phone number and email address; (B) identification and description of the work that is protected by copyright which you claim was violated; (C) the exact location and/or link to the content of the message which you claim was violated (D) your statement, which claims that you truly believe that the questionable use is not allowed by the copyright owner; (E) physical or electronic signature of an authorized individual on behalf of the copyright owner; (F) a affidavit duly signed and notarized by law which confirms that your information is accurate and that you are the owner of the copyright or an authorized representative of the copyright owner.

11. Termination and Closing Your Account on B-buzzy
11.1. To close your B-buzzy account will be done via mail to the following address: which includes the User's details and details regarding the request to close the account.
11.2. B-Buzzy and the Relevant E-Commerce Website reserve the right to immediately terminate B-Buzzy service and this Agreement at any time and without any prior notice. The User concedes any right of any kind to demand, claim or take legal action regarding this subject.
11.3. Before submitting the request, the User must withdraw the balance of the Compensation fees from the User account. After the account is closed the User cannot make any activity on B-Buzzy including withdrawing fees which were approved after the termination.
11.4. The User confirms and accepts the fact that the Messages which were posted by the User on B-Buzzy, including B-Buzzy Link which is attached to the Shared Message, will continue to be available on the Website and visible to the public even after the account has been terminated.
11.5. Even after the closing the user’s B-buzzy account, the User undertakes to respect the Terms of this Agreement, excluding the Terms which are no longer relevant as a result of the terminated account.

12. The Relationship Between Parties
You agree that no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by this Agreement. You confirm to be an independent constructor according to this Agreement, and not a B-Buzzy's employee, representative, partner or legal representative for any purpose.

13. Law and Jurisdiction
It is agreed that any claim or dispute regarding this Agreement on behalf of B-Buzzy and/or the User and/or seller shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Israel and must be resolved exclusively by the state court located in Tel Aviv alone. In case there will not be an available court in that area, the subject will be resolved by the nearest authorized court.

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